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Diagnoses Guarantee:

Far and above the industry standard!

All repairs have 1 year parts and labor warranty from the completion date. While the industry standard is 90 days, we warranty all of our repairs for a full year.

Some exceptions apply please see exceptions below

If the repairs performed did not solve the problem you are not liable for those repairs. If the diagnoses says that by replacing X and Y we will solve the problem but once X and Y were replaced the problem is still there, you do not have to pay for these repairs. We will only charge for completed repairs.

Completed = Reported Problem Solved.



The warranty term for repairs performed will only apply to the parts replaced and its related labor. The warranty will not cover the entire appliance and is not a guarantee for other parts or malfunctions that may occur. Although an additional warranty is offered on other failures when a newly reported problem is believed to be caused due to workmanship, related to the recent repair and only if reported within 14 days from the completion date.  In all cases the report must be confirmed by our service technician to be certain we are at fault.

We do not warranty any part not supplied by us. This includes requests to install parts supplied by the customer. We are not responsible for the objective the replacement part was meant to achieve on these special requests.

All warranty is void if appliance is used in a manner inconsistent with the guidelines set by the manufacture, if the unit shows signs of abuse or is disassembled, as well as any signs of infestation involving rodents.